Initially, Mr Khanh Trinh designed a free standing pull up bar for his purpose of Strength training at home. Then he discovered it’s really useful for his life and family with other functions, so he changed its name to “KT folding multifunctional stand frame” to better match its versatility. Although its name’s changed, the product still has all the great characteristics of a home pull up bar stand which are listed below:


KT free standing pull up bar

Very few portable self-standing pull up bars for home/office in the market are higher than 92.5 inches. Because some adverse problems will arise if products are made too high: products will be unstable, too bulky, or expensive delivery costs. But, our innovative design can solve these problems to meet well the users’s needs. The max height of our highest Model (KT1.1520 and KT1.1520YG) is 100.4” so your feet will not touch the ground even if you are 6.56ft (200cm) tall. I myself put a KT Pullup Stand right next to my desk – and after an hour of sitting, I stand up to swing body and do pull-up. SO REFRESHING ! All the muscles and system of tendons and bones are completely stretched after tired working hours.


kt folding pull up bar stand

We confidently affirm that sturdiness is an outstanding strength of KT Pull Up Stations and our products are one of the sturdiest free standing pull up bars for home/office in the market. With 15 years of pull-up experience, Mr. Khanh Trinh understood that sturdiness is the most important factor of a High Quality pull up bar. So he tried to upgrade his design many times to get the solid products today: 93% wobble removed. Although it’s not absolutely sturdy – and it seems impossible to achieve 0% wobble for self-standing assembled pull up bars – but most of experienced pull-ups users (including Mr. Khanh Trinh) are satisfied with the sturdiness of our products and love using them every day. Hope you will like them


kt pull up station

To judge whether a portable pull up bar has good bearing capacity, let’s see if it well supports “kipping pull up” or “jump up many times” for users who weighs 165 – 441 LBs (75 – 200 kgs) day by day. Thanks to A-shaped structure with support bars welded into 4 legs and calculated combination of materials, KT Pull Up Bar Stations allows them to do these movements very well daily without any sign of degradation. In our company, a product made in 2012 (located in the entrance hall) still works well until now and none of the strongest/biggest employees can warp or collapse it (they – some weigh about 198.4 LBs – have been practicing many times a day).


safe pullup bars

Some other products for “pull-ups” are not really safe for users. Firstly, some types of doorway pull up bars – very easy to fall. Secondly, some types of power towers with dip function. Think about it, the users will work out within a cramped space, so the beginners and careless users – especially teenagers, will easily bang their knees, shin or thighs against entangled parts when pull bodies ups (because our body will be pushed forward) or when drop back down. In contrast, KT Folding Pull Up Bars will certainly always be SAFE for all your family members. With the handle bars are designed wide enough, you will get a comfortable space for movements without sides limit.


folding pull up bar station

You can fold the KT Stand Frame fast and easily in only 10 seconds after workout for space saving. After being folded, it will be a long rectangular frame and that makes it easier for you to move the folded product to any place within your house/office…where is convenient for you. So I can say it’s “portable”. But, our heaviest product (Model KT1.1520) weighs 63.9Lbs (29kgs) and it is very heavy if you are not a really strong man. So if you want a similar but lighter product, you can choose our other models such as KT1.1520YG, KT1.1518 or KT1.HT…”Portable” does not mean that you can fold product more neatly and take it along with you easily when you travel.


height adjust

You can adjust the height of KT folding stand frame easily (only by your hand – No need to use a spanner/wrench). There’re many levels to choose. So, multiple members of your family may use the same product. You can put it in any room, even low ceiling. If any member of your family has lower back pain, sciatica, herniated disc…, you will love this feature the most because the user can choose the most comfortable and safest height to hang body naturally for stretching back/spine without bending legs or jumping up too high or climbing up a chair to reach the bar. With just a few dead-hangs per day, you can see the noticeable effective improvement day by day.


KT Folding Stand Frames are manufactured in our VietNam factory on modern semi-auto line under strict quality control (ISO 9001: 2015 and our own standards as of the Japanese companies) to ensure all products sold are of HIGH QUALITY. We understand that although it’s more costly to make products in our factory than to outsource in China, but we can control the product quality in the best way – from raw materials to load-bearing weld between pipes. The KT Folding Stand Frames are made from High strength Alloy Steel, and protected outside with “Powder Coating”. If it’s well maintained (mainly used indoor), you can use in a period of at least 100 years (in theory)


You can remove easily the handle-bar from the frame to add more or replace the foam-handle-grips

* You can hang well the Exercise Rings/ TRX straps/ resistance bands / Punching Bag / Aerial Yoga Hammock…for other fitness exercises, hang the hammock chair for relaxation, the swing chair, rope ladder for kids playing, or make the playing tent for kids. Let’s hang anything within the load-bearing limit of product to maximize its versatility.

We have never asserted that our products are absolute sturdy (0% wobble). Even military pull up bars which are buried in the ground and anchored at 4 corners with 4 steel wires still cannot achieve 0% wobble.  Meanwhile, our products are portable assembled type. However, we can confidently affirm that our products are one of the sturdiest self-standing pull up bars in the market compared to similar products. Many Professional Calisthenics / Street workout Athletes have confirmed this because they have tried a variety of pull up bars (they are always looking for the one that best meets their workout needs). Take a look at the actual use of our product by one of them:

Don’t just stand on the ground, hold our product to shake it side by side and judge that it is not sturdy. You have to do pull-ups on it to feel how sturdy it is!

jump and swing

Jump and swing – one of the best movements for office staff, overweight people and adolescents – is supported very well by KT folding stand frame.  Very rare similar products on the market allow you to do this movement comfortably while ensuring the durability of the product and the safety of the users

This is a full-body and energy-burning movement – acts strongly on the abdomen, hips and spine. Therefore, it helps office staff and overweight people lose weight and lose waist, protect the spine effectively. At the same time, helps teenagers increase their height quickly. 

Do it several turns a day, at best every 30 minutes. Each turn, jump up and jump down 10 to 30 times depending on your health

Persevere in practicing daily following our instructions. You will see good results in your weight, waist and back after 30 days of continuous doing (when your hands hurt you should rest. When the pain is gone, practice again).

every model can be used very WELL:

kt pull up bar

as a pull up bar stand

aerial yoga stand

as an aerial yoga stand

hang punching bag

to hang punching bag

hang rings/TRX

to hang rings or trx

hang hammock chair

to hang hammock chair

hang swing for kids

to hang swing for kids

make playing tent

to make playing tent

hang ladder rope

to hang ladder rope

usage notes


Let's adjust the length of 02 distance-setting-bars to the maximum and mount to holes in the upper position to extend the KT frame's footprint when hanging the swing chair for kids. This helps to ensure safety and the chair will fly further, makes the kids more excited

punching bag stand

Likewise, widen the footprint of the KT folding stand frame as much as possible when hang punching bag or perform exercises that require safety such as aerial yoga, swing body, kipping pull-ups... The wider the footprint, the firmer the frame. Do not set the footprint narrow, if not the frame's legs will be easily lifted off the ground ( tip over) causing danger

KT back stretcher

You can do "dead-hang" without 02 distance-setting-bars (DSB) if you want a quick stretching for back pain relief. But, please mount the DSB for safety if you do other movements such as pull ups, swing body.. or you have severe spinal problems

As a pull up bar - it helps you

As a pull up bar - it supports you do Versatile Exercises

Pull-up and chin-up

kt pull up bar

You can do well all pull-up and chin-up variations with KT Folding Pull Up Station. It helps strengthen the back, forearm, bicep and shoulder muscles. And improve grip strength, overall body strength and physical health

Knee raise and leg raise

leg raise

Our product enable you do many variations of knee raise and leg raise. It helps target your midsection from all angles, develop not only abdominal muscles, but also obliques and hip flexors.

Training with exercise rings

hang rings/TRX

You can add exercise rings on KT Pull Up Bar Stand to do dips, push ups and many other movements with rings. It helps build chest, triceps, and shoulders muscles, improve muscles and strength of upper body

Advanced movements

back level

Not only supports you to do normal movements, our product also enables you to perform well many advanced movements of Calisthenics or Street Workout. You don't want your training level just stops at the beginner level, right?


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